Working together

Achieve the goals of your business unit by helping your team take organized action.

Distribute content that educates, poll your people on alignment, and adjust your approach based on what you learn.

Distribute targeted content to groups that are typically hard to reach, from frontline workers to remote employees.

Give workers a way to connect, share knowledge and skills, and support each other in their work.

team alignment@2x

“In October of 2016, we had a merger of equals, and not a lot of news was getting out. […] Our IT systems were different, our HR systems were different, and because we were relying so heavily on email, we had no measurement to ensure that our messages were getting through or if our communications had an effect. We needed a common platform not only for all employees to understand the business better, but actually bring us together as one company.”

Jennifer Harrison | Associate Director, Internal Communications | IQVIA


Align policies and reduce risk

Make it easier for your workers to stay compliant and your compliance team to measure adherence.

Eliminate confusion for employees by sending them required tasks with automated reminders.

Measure how quickly your compliance requirements are fulfilled, and share the data with your executive team.

Find out where compliance is and isn’t happening with a user-generated feedback loop.



Make joining easy

Give new employees everything they need to get started while reducing the effort required from HR.

Standardize your onboarding workflow across all departments and save time for your HR team.

Provide every new worker with all the resources they need to hit the ground running.

Help new hires integrate with the company and start getting involved right away.



Set up sales for success

Support your representatives with the resources and technology they need to close more often.

Give your sales team all the information they need and make it accessible anywhere, whether they’re in the field or in the office. 

Help distributed teams work together, share knowledge and support each other’s efforts.

Learn what content your sales team is responding to, and which correlates to positive sales numbers.

sales enablement@2x

“We did a very deep analysis of usage of our [Firstup] platform with our sales force. We looked at all the stats in terms of how often they access it, what content they’re absorbing, what channels, and then we correlated that to the reps who constantly meet their quota. There’s a strong correlation between sales productivity and those that are engaged with [the platform].”

Steve Harrington | Vice President of Global Marketing | Extreme Networks


Extend your biggest supporters

Share knowledge with all the members of your extended workforce, including channel partners, resellers, franchisees, company alumni and interns. 

Enable your partners with the right resources, track training progress, and share news and wins to drive sales success.

Share and track marketing materials, announce product promotions and foster affinity for your organization. 

Increase engagement with former employees to build your talent pipeline. Update them on company news, promote benefits and create a new population of advocates. 

Build your talent pipeline. Share company news, promote benefits and create a new population of advocates.

partner enablement@2x


Build pride in the workplace

Sometimes the best PR comes from inside your organization. Make sure your people have a way to send it out.

Provide workers with a user-friendly way to share company information on external social media platforms.

Give employees more reason to share with targeted content, based on criteria, that they’re more likely to care about.

See the reach of your content on external platforms and learn what gets the most traction and shares.

brand advocacy@2x


Create memorable experiences

Ensure all your events go as planned. Streamline your communications with your attendees and your team.

Prompt attendees to take the actions you want before, during and after your event.

Share logistics, make agenda updates, and measure the success of your messages as you go.

Tailor and target your content to specific individuals or groups.