About Us

We believe in the power of communication

Firstup delivers hyper-personalized communications at every moment along the employee journey for higher productivity and retention

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Who We Are

Making work better for every worker

Despite a world of technology, 110 million deskless workers—80% of the global workforce—are often left disconnected. This communication deficiency affects change management, onboarding, training, retention, and much more. In the face of this challenge, Firstup is committed to reshaping communication paradigms for the workforce.

Improving the employee experience at every moment

Our unwavering commitment places employees at the heart of communication. Firstup brings the power of campaigns used in the consumer world to the employee experience. Welcome to the Firstup intelligent communication platform—seamlessly delivering personalized, data-driven campaigns to every worker.

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Trusted by 40 of the Fortune 100 - and many more

“Every communication is an opportunity to create a powerful moment for workers along the employee journey. Firstup is committed to providing an incredible employee experience—powered by intelligent communication.”

Nicole Alvino

CEO | Firstup

Our Values

Putting people first to lift companies up

Every employee is an owner

We each take responsibility for the company and deserve credit for its progress.

Leadership is in our build

We stand out in our industry because we embrace change as a catalyst for improvement.

We win as a team

We’re committed to helping our coworkers and customers thrive.
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Who We Are

Fostering a culture of inclusivity

We believe in the power of inclusivity, meaningful connections, and personalized experiences. We strive to cultivate an environment that values diversity and respects differences, creating equitable opportunities and empowering individuals in our collective success.


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