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Today’s retail companies are facing unprecedented challenges. Recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees in this uncertain market is critical to helping businesses thrive. Improve engagement and retention by giving your frontline workers a personalized digital employee experience on any device with Firstup.


On-the-go content employees want, plus the news and information they need


Integrate workplace systems and applications to meet your staff wherever they are


Reach every employee with easy polls, comments, and the most popular user posts


Prove the value of your comms across your network and see what really matters to your staff


Amplify your network

Morale is a leading indicator of employee retention in retail. With Firstup, it’s easy to share company news and provide your staff with a user-friendly way to share company information, increasing engagement with current and former employees to build your talent pipeline.

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Make joining easy

Give new employees everything they need to get started by standardizing and automating your onboarding workflow across all locations with the Firstup platform. Then, prepare new hires by providing them with all the resources they need to hit the ground running, right from the app!


Support every individual

Helping staff feel valued can help protect them from anxiety and burnout. Transparent communication can go a long way to connecting with your teams. The Firstup platform enables leadership and HR to send out shared messages and allows teams a place to collaborate or get the support they need.

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“Our frontline employees are essential in this equation because they serve our customers directly. If they’re working hard and having fun at the same time, we know we’re doing it right.”

Todd Roby

Sr. Director of Communications


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