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Transforming the employee experience by empowering healthcare companies to put staff first

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Platform of choice for healthcare organizations


Connect your healthcare staff

Today’s healthcare networks are facing unprecedented challenges. Give frontline and administrative workers a personalized digital employee experience on any endpoint or device with instant access to the systems they need with Firstup.


Unify employee communications on a single platform


Create branded, end-to-end campaigns across every channel


Optimize delivery based on employee preferences and behaviors


Gain real-time insights for every employee, across the employee journey


Amplify your network

Morale is a leading indicator of employee retention in healthcare. With Firstup, it’s easy to share company news and provide your staff with a user-friendly way to share company information, increasing engagement with current and former employees to build your talent pipeline.

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Make joining easy

Give new employees everything they need to get started by standardizing and automating your onboarding workflow across all departments with the Firstup platform. Then, prepare new hires by providing them with all the resources they need to hit the ground running, right from the app!


Support every individual

Helping staff feel valued can help protect them from anxiety and burnout. Transparent communication can go a long way to connecting with your teams. The Firstup platform enables leadership and HR to send out shared messages and allows staff a place to collaborate or get the support they need.

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Firstup connects with your essential HR tools

“Accurate and easily accessible information is the best way to ‘vaccinate’ our employees from uncertainty.”

James Linder, MD



adoption in just the first few months!

Solve your healthcare communications challenges with the Firstup platform