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Built for your people, Firstup helps you design moments across the entire employee journey by connecting HR systems, reducing digital noise, boosting engagement, and providing intelligent data to spot and take action on problems before they arise.


Unify employee communications on a single platform


Create branded, end-to-end campaigns across every channel


Optimize delivery based on employee preferences and behaviors


Gain real-time insights for every employee, across the employee journey

Improve Retention

Grow and retain your workforce

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Boost Engagement

Support every individual

Champion Change

Futureproof your frontline

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Firstup connects with your essential HR tools

“Our CEO takes the time to ask for feedback on products, processes, or savings, and associates respond. As a CEO, you don’t always get that frontline feedback.”

Julie Holbein

VP, Talent Development | Big Lots


savings identified by extending employee feedback process

Elevate the employee experience with Firstup


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