The ultimate personalized employee experience

Engage employees across your organization with personalized communications at every moment along their journey

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Revolutionize the entire employee experience

A next-generation communication platform for better business outcomes across all your departments

People Teams

Hear what your people aren’t saying

Pre-empt problems and provide support through behavior-based insights. Reduce the digital noise, and increase the relevancy of your content while increasing enrollment and adoption.

“Intelligent communication platforms allow you to see a richer view of your employees’ journeys so you can make actionable, impactful decisions faster and drive to better outcomes.”

John Bersin, Global HR Industry Analyst
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Internal Communications

Create moments that matter

Deliver impactful employee campaigns with intuitive design tools and intelligent engagement that allow you to build personalized, data-based campaigns.

“We have moved from a broadcast model of internal communications to an environment that fosters two-way communication. It connects employees directly from the frontline to our CEO.”

Peggy Riley, VP of Employee Communications
Information Technology

Employee-centered digital workplace

Support frontline, wired, hybrid, or anywhere in between on a single platform, with easy access, quick links, and unified data to reduce app switching.

“The combination of Firstup with Office 365 allows our comms team and functional leaders to publish, target and streamline delivery of content and information to all caregivers—across our Microsoft endpoints.

B.J. Moore, Executive Vice President and CIO
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Open a connection with your workforce

Achieve alignment, drive productivity, and measure engagement for a happier and more productive workforce—throughout the employee journey.

“From the outset, Firstup represented a gigantic leap forward in making broad-based communications and employee interactions more functional and accessible.

Dan Tucker, Chief Financial Officer

Engage your entire organization with Firstup