Strategic support

We partner with you to plan and implement, then help you grow adoption and engagement to transform how your employees work.


Partnering with you for lasting success

Business transformation takes more than technology. You need the right people and processes in place. That’s why we support every Firstup customer with an account team of strategic advisors, client engineers, engagement managers and educators.

A strategic framework for the life of your platform

Our expert team will work with you to develop a digital employee experience strategy that gets every employee the targeted communications they need, and gives workers personalized access to all your key systems.

Then we’ll continue to optimize that strategy, ensuring that you can always reach, align, and mobilize your workforce to achieve your business goals.

See Our Process

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Build the foundation for adoption

phase 1@2x

Our account team will work collaboratively with your core platform team and stakeholders to define business goals, milestones and deliverables.

At the same time, our client engineering team will connect with your IT team on security, user management and integration planning.


Learn how to reach every worker

Our robust instructor-led sessions, also available as eLearning modules, will enable your team to get the most value out of the platform.

Each training concentrates on one of five key areas: platform administration, creating and publishing content, targeting employee groups, managing campaigns and measuring results with analytics.

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Gain the skill set to amplify usage

phase 3@2x

Our account team will provide insights and industry best practices to inform your platform strategy.

Next, we’ll collaborate with your internal team to build that strategy, helping you segment your audience so you can target the right employees, develop content strategy, drive adoption and engagement, and define your processes and governance practices.


Bring all your people on board

We’ll work with you every step of the way to map out a successful launch plan and ensure you reach your entire organization from the start.

Our account team will assist you with early team testing of the platform, planning phased deployments to key employee groups, and ultimately launching across the company.

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“Firstup has given us invaluable support in our digital transformation. They helped us prepare for implementation, accelerated our timeline to launch in just 7 days, and are continuing to help us plan how to best engage and mobilize our 20,000 people across the railroad.”

John Hatfield | Head of Corporate Communication | Norfolk Southern


Optimize for the long term

phase 5@2x

Our partnership with customers is for the life of their platform license. During implementation, we’ll design a growth plan that keeps increasing adoption, maximizes reach and mobilizes your workforce to achieve your critical initiatives.

Each quarter, your engagement manager will help you review your platform metrics, identify what matters most to your business and realign your growth plan back to your business goals.


Drive your initiatives in new ways

Once your growth plan is in place, Firstup continues to provide added value.

Your account team will help you measure the performance of your critical initiatives and the effectiveness of your communications.

We’re always improving our platform with new features. When each one is released, our account team will show you how to use it to achieve your business goals. 

Our support team will keep working with you to optimize your platform use, quickly resolve any issues and keep partnering with you for your continued success.

You’ll have access to self-service resources like our knowledge base and the growing set of eLearning classes in our customer training center.

Learn and expand your vision for change at our yearly and regional events and via our customer platform, COMMunity.

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