Digital Employee Experience

Simplify the user experience

Some workers are overwhelmed by messages and tools. Others are disconnected. Give everyone what they need to be productive with Firstup.


Help employees work smarter with a digital concierge

Like a digital concierge, the Firstup Assistant gives employees access to the information that makes their work lives easier. Available on both desktop and mobile experiences.

Intelligently highlights personalized company news and action items, so workers can stay informed in as little as 2 minutes a day.

With access to the enterprise systems they need, such as your HRIS, helpdesk and payroll, employees can perform common tasks without leaving Assistant.

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Personalize the mobile experience

branded mobile

Fully-branded for your organization. Custom-tailored for each employee. Our mobile app offers every employee a personalized mobile experience—especially hybrid, deskless and frontline workers who are on the go.

Downloadable from public app stores, its easy to reach your employees with personalized content based on their interests, usage, role, team and more, inviting greater engagement. Targeted access to resources and systems helps employees find what they need, fast.


Open the door to your enterprise

Give wired office workers the convenience of Firstup in a format that’s just right for their laptops and desktops.

Custom links to resources and systems are intuitively displayed alongside personalized content. Workers can access everything they need no matter what system they’re working in, making Firstup ideal for an employee gateway.

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Modernize and customize

Use Firstup to provide a modern intranet experience that delivers personalized news, apps and services to your employees on any endpoint or device. Integrate seamlessly with your existing intranet to automatically update and personalize content. Customers have modernized Sharepoint, Sitecore, Confluence and more with the Firstup platform.


Make email effortless

Reach employees with relevant content, without the hassles of email management.

Create, target and send email without having to format content or manage distribution lists, then track the results along with other communications.

Develop newsletters from scratch with easy-to-use content templates, or automatically populate them with previous content for weekly roundups.

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See how easy it is to create engaging emails for your workforce.

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Reach your people where they chat

Connect with employees on their most frequently used collaboration tools. Send content directly to Microsoft Teams and Slack to reach your workforce day-to-day.


Align the front line

Get information to workers who aren’t in front of a computer and can’t check their phone.

Firstup integrates with digital signage and kiosks to get your message to workers on the manufacturing floor, in the breakroom and everywhere in between.

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The Rise of the Intelligent Communication Platform

June 26, 2024