Turn employee data into actionable insights

Better data helps you take proactive action to mitigate negative outcomes while boosting productivity and digital wellness

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Employees are sending you signals every day

Great experiences are built by teams who know their employees—go beyond the annual engagement survey and learn more about your employees moment by moment

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Use data to better engage your employees

Adapt to workforce changes and improve employee experiences—by location, function, tenure, manager, or individual—with the right data

Always be ready

With real-time workforce intelligence, no more looking in the rear-view

Use benchmarking to evaluate engagement by organization, department, location, function, or individual throughout the employee journey

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See sooner to act faster

Recognize trends and engagement patterns, taking action where your attention is needed the most

Turn insights into action

Alerts help you know where to focus to maximize workforce potential

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Extreme Networks correlated sales productivity with platform engagement: 60% of the reps that regularly exceeded quota use the platform and engage with the content daily.

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Augment people data for a complete view

Connect engagement data with people data to see a more accurate view of the employee experience

We keep your data safe

The confidentiality of your data is our top priority. Our platform and apps are designed from the ground up to prevent sensitive information from reaching the wrong people.

Preempt problems, provide support, and retain your people with Firstup