From the front office to the front line

Use the Analyze dashboard to drive employee action by learning how your people are responding to your critical initiatives.


Measure across channels

Stop struggling to measure how workers engage with email, intranet and other communications channels.

Analyze, our unified analytics dashboard, shows you how all of your employees are interacting with all of your content—on every channel and system, across your organization.

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Discover the impact of your initiatives

Find out whether your business initiatives are working, and how your workforce is responding to them.

Tag each piece of content related to an initiative, then track employee response to all those messages, and get a single view of your initiative’s performance in the Analyze dashboard.


See powerful, actionable insights

Visualize, filter and group data easily—without a data science degree.

Learn how your strategic content is resonating with different employee groups, departments and locations, and uncover insights you can act on to drive your business forward.

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Get pre-built reports or customize your own

Generate reports on every aspect of your employee communications and engagement program, from executive summaries to in-depth detail.

We’ve worked with hundreds of enterprises to measure communications efficacy and develop our interactive reports. You can even customize reports with specific attributes to tailor them for your company.


Save reports and share knowledge

Break down data silos and share information to drive change across your enterprise.

Send reports to leadership and other business units to make your insights more impactful, or save key reports for future reference.

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Take the pulse of your entire enterprise

Reach every employee, learn what they think about critical initiatives, and track their responses—all in one platform.

Use Firstup to create employee polls, target the right workers, and send automatic follow-ups until they respond. No need for outside survey platforms or manual email follow-ups. Measure your poll results in the Firstup Analyze dashboard.


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