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Meeting the needs of a modern workforce

Communicating with a large, multinational workforce through a modern intranet

How it started

Filling the information gap

Communicating with a large workforce can be challenging for any organization. But it’s even more complicated when you’re a multinational company spread across 12 different Asia-Pacific markets with employees who speak a mix of several languages. This is precisely the dilemma that confronted Isentia, a leading media intelligence and data technology company based in Sydney, Australia.

Knowing that it is difficult for employees to know what is happening in offices separated by thousands of miles, Isentia knew it needed to make a change. A key part of the problem was the intranet. While it was the central repository for company information, the intranet could only be accessed at Isentia offices—and wasn’t available at locations in China. But even when employees could use the intranet, few did. It was difficult to navigate and didn’t contain enough useful information to entice employees to visit. So, Isentia relied on a high volume of email that could leave people feeling overwhelmed.

Where they landed

A platform for advocacy, communication, and so much more

Isentia knew all about the Firstup platform’s flexibility and ease of use, because 500 employees were already using it as an advocacy platform for social selling and building brand awareness. It was called GAP—short for Group Advocacy Program. But they recognized the potential of expanding the platform throughout the entire company as a workforce communication solution and rebranding it as the way to “fill all knowledge gaps.”

“When you implement a piece of technology that looks like Firstup, it’s the easiest cultural play you can ever make. You’re organically going to see who you are because it really represents your company. We can’t market Isentia without people who represent the company well, and for that to happen, they need to understand what we do. Everyone has learned this is the place to get that information.” 

— Gill Matthews, Marketing & CX Director

The amount of rich information on the platform has exploded. Previously, when GAP was used only for advocacy, the branded content available for sharing had the Isentia corporate voice. Now, GAP has a more human personality that authentically captures the company’s character—in part because it includes content contributed by employees.

It has transformed how Isentia connects with a geographically dispersed workforce. Today, 98% of company employees have registered for a platform that has become central to the company’s DNA. The platform is localized in five different languages—making everyone feel welcomed and included.



Isentia is a leading integrated media intelligence and insights business in APAC. Isentia blends market-leading monitoring experience with analytics to help the world’s biggest brands uncover the whole picture—and act on it. Powered by cutting-edge technology and a team of world-class experts, Isentia’s mission is to help businesses leap forward to where only genuine insight can take them.

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