The first intelligent communication platform

Every company can now connect the employee experience ecosystem, personalize the employee journey, and get insights to improve engagement, productivity, and retention

Alignment across your organization

Build a shared strategy with personalized communication

A stronger sense
of belonging

Continuous engagement creates a better environment for all

Improved productivity

Meaningful engagement leads to a more productive workforce

Higher retention,
happier teams

Engagement insights help you address areas that need support

Digital wellness
for the long run

Reduce digital overload for a more sustainable workforce

Make the most of every moment in each employee’s journey

Give your teams the only platform that uses real-time data to determine the most meaningful campaigns, optimal time, and best channel for each employee

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Insights to build better employee experiences

Evaluate engagement throughout the employee journey with continuous feedback and benchmarking for better outcomes

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Empower every team to build a more sustainable workforce

Reduce the digital noise, create more meaningful communication, and understand your employees better

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Hear what your people aren’t saying

Preempt problems and provide support to the employees who need it most

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Create moments that matter

Everything you need in one place to create and deliver impactful employee campaigns

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Employee-centered digital workplace

Maximize existing investments to support everyone: frontline, wired, hybrid, or anywhere in between

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Open a connection with your workforce

A continuously engaged workforce is happier and more productive throughout their journey

The communication pipeline

People-first companies around the world use Firstup on their channel of choice to reach millions of employees every day

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Keep your people connected and get the insights you need to become a better leader