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Swissport unifies a global digital workplace

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How it started

‘Absolutely vital’

As the Chief Information Officer at Swissport, the world’s largest aviation services business, Dave Lynch faced a mammoth task: ensuring a reliable, seamless, and secure tech stack for the organization’s more than 45,000 employees, spread across 300 airports in 45 countries.

Swissport’s tech ecosystem had been built up over 20 years of acquisitions. Not only did the company have six disparate communication systems – one for each of its global clusters of countries – but the added challenge of a workforce made up of 75 percent frontline employees who don’t use email while on the job.


Where they landed

‘Allows me to move quicker’

With the launch of One Swissport, their custom-branded intelligent communication platform by Firstup, Swissport can better engage and retain its 45,000 employees working at 300 airports across the globe under one communication system, even with the complexities of its tech stack.

“What Firstup does is unify and give an ability across those different layers to hide some of the technologies to the end users so that, to them, it’s an app that’s straightforward and very easy to use,” Dave said. “Firstup also has a number of modern API-based interfaces to a lot of the popular software vendors. It allows me to move quicker and spend less on the integration areas.”

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From its modest beginnings with operations at the airports in Zurich, Geneva, and Basel, Swissport has developed into a global leader. Today, some 850 air carriers place their trust in Swissport as an outsourcing partner. In 2023, Swissport International AG provided best-in-class airport ground services for some 186 million airline passengers and handled roughly 4.8 million tons of air freight at 117 air cargo centers worldwide.
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