How Providence streamlined comms to improve patient care and safety

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How do you reach 120,000 frontline healthcare workers in 1,000+ locations across 7 states? How can you measure communications across your systems to ensure they’re getting critical patient care and employee safety information?

Leaders at multi-state healthcare network Providence knew they needed to unify their fragmented regional communications to deliver timely information to improve care and safety. Learn how Firstup streamlined systems and helped the organization reach its 120,000 caregivers and gain agility during critical operations.

The integration that Firstup has with the Microsoft tool stack is pretty remarkable. We have definitely seen the synergy between the two with the ability to amplify or push content to SharePoint online or Teams. And Firstup allows us to refresh content across all systems in real-time. It saves us time and allows us to do our jobs much more efficiently…which during times of extreme change is really, really critical.

-Preston Smith, Director of Communications, Providence

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Transforming the employee experience

In the wake of the pandemic, healthcare system Providence led the way in digital transformation. A large part of that change involved giving their frontline caregivers the right digital experience, and ensuring they were able to get the information they needed when they needed it. Find out how they did it—and what challenges they encountered along the way—during this insightful Q&A with their CIO and CCO.

Congratulations, B.J. Moore!

We applaud B.J. Moore, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Providence!

Recently announced as the 2021 Seattle CIO of the Year, B.J. was instrumental in championing Firstup’s single publishing platform which allows Providence to “publish, target and streamline delivery of content and information to all caregivers—across (their) Microsoft endpoints.” He was recognized for his innovative approach to streamlining information systems. His efforts resulted in an 8 times increase in caregiver engagement and a 25% increase in manager engagement, fostering company-wide alignment during and beyond the pandemic.

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