Firstup awarded a ClearBox Choice Award for intranets and employee experience platforms

2024 ClearBox Choice
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Rupert Coghlan

At Firstup, we take pride in meaningfully engaging employees at every moment from hire to retire, and delivering engagement insights to help organizations support, promote, and retain their people.

We’re excited to announce that ClearBox Consulting has named Firstup as one of their recommended choices for intranets and employee experience – further validating our mission to improve the employee experience at every moment that matters, large and small. We are honored to receive this award in 2023, and now again in 2024.

The review

To deliver this recommendation, ClearBox conducted an extensive review of the most well-known intranet and employee experience platforms (see their methodology in the next section). With employee experience platforms becoming a must-needed strategic investment in driving organizational change and employee retention, ClearBox helps companies navigate the market by providing a comprehensive buying guide. This year, Clearbox only awarded seven Choice badges from the twenty platforms they reviewed in-depth.

Here’s their snapshot summary of Firstup:

“Firstup is an excellent comms platform that has some powerful tools for internal communicators, plus a helpful digital assistant for practical tasks.”

In their review, the consultancy gave us high scores in these categories:

  • User Experience & Visual Appeal
  • Publishing & Communications Management
  • Analytics
  • Mobile & Frontline Support

“Firstup is an excellent communications platform that has some of the best tools for internal communicators that we’ve seen. The assistant adds a layer of practicality to it too, helping people to get tasks done across a variety of tools.

The Orchestration Engine has been well-developed and introduces an exciting and relevant element of behavioral data to internal communications.

Overall, Firstup will suit large or complex businesses that are looking for ways to address employee communication and engagement needs.”

The methodology

The experts at ClearBox completed a comprehensive review in order to arrive at these conclusions. The process included multiple steps: live demonstrations in each of 8 scenarios, testing by the consultants themselves in a sandbox environment, scenario evaluation and scoring, and a vendor fact-check. ClearBox also requested feedback from each vendor’s current customers; this customer feedback was delivered directly to the consultancy, with vendors having no ability to review or impact it. 

20 leading names in intranet and employee experience platforms were selected for the full evaluation, with Firstup being one of seven chosen out of the 20 to be named as a recommended ‘Choice’ for 2024. 

At Firstup, we’re on a mission to make work better for every worker. Our commitment shines through in our hyper-personalized communications and real-time data insights that help determine the most meaningful campaigns, optimal timing, and the best channels for each employee. Curious to know more about Firstup and our ClearBox award? Dive into the details by downloading your own copy of the report!

Better yet, hear from our customers who are using our intelligent communication platform to transform their companies and request a demo today. 

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