Top 25 Work Tech Vendors 2023: Firstup recognized for elevating employee engagement

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Firstup is proud to announce that we’ve been named among the Top 25 Work Tech Vendors by Inspiring Workplaces. The recognition features best-in-class vendors who are catalysts for positive change in workplaces worldwide.

Inspiring Workplaces is a global consulting agency and corporate community dedicated to “recognizing, celebrating, and inspiring organizations that prioritize a people-first experience.” Their mission is to change the world by changing the world of work.

Inspired employees lead the pack in productivity

It’s no surprise that a great employee experience results in higher productivity. Each level of increasing employee engagement—satisfied, engaged, and inspired—generates better performance than the last. 

According to research by Bain & Co., a disengaged employee is 30% less effective than a satisfied employee. Engaged employees, however, are 44% more productive than satisfied employees, and inspired employees are 125% more productive—leading to significantly better outcomes for organizations. 

Inspired employees are 125% more productive than ‘satisfied’ employees

The award from Inspiring Workplaces underscores our commitment to supporting our customers’ success by enhancing employee engagement and productivity through personalized, data-driven communication.

A leader in workforce communications

In the past few years, Firstup has experienced record growth in the employee experience space thanks to our category-defining platform. 

Firstup was founded to fill a huge gap in the marketplace. Leaders and communicators lacked an effective way to connect with their employees—especially their frontline workforce—and streamline their communications. 

Through our one-step-ahead innovation, the Firstup intelligent communication platform empowers HR and communications teams to engage workers moment by moment throughout the employee journey. 

Global enterprises can personalize the employee experience—even with thousands or tens of thousands in their workforce—and capture real-time analytics to increase engagement and intervene in downward trends.

At the forefront of AI-powered communication

Several factors were key to ranking on the Inspiring Workplaces list of best global work tech vendors. Recent enhancements to the Firstup platform played a significant role in standing out among other vendors offering solutions to low employee engagement.

AI has been embedded in the Firstup platform from the beginning to capture employee data and behavioral trends. These analytics are compiled into a Universal Employee Profile that allows HR and communications leaders to personalize content, delivery, and timing for each employee according to their region, role, and preferences.

In June 2023, we rolled numerous expansions of this revolutionary technology—featuring CommunicationAI

CommunicationAI combines the power of GenAI with extensive analytics to deliver hyper-personalized, relevant, and engaging employee experiences. Additional AI tools make it easier to create quality content, define audience segments, and measure employee sentiment. 

We also announced enhancements to the Firstup integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams. The new integrations allow employers to reduce digital overload and deliver content and communications based on individual employee preferences.

These strategic platform developments allow HR and communications teams to be more efficient, effective, and productive in their critical tasks—bolstering their employee engagement initiatives.

Making work better for every worker

Like Inspiring Workplaces, Firstup has a vision of creating positive employee experiences so our customers can increase cost-savings, revenue, and retention.

This award is a testament to this mission. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and remain dedicated to delivering meaningful, personalized communication at scale, fostering a more engaged, inspired, and productive workforce.

“We strongly believe great tech is the best catalyst for change when coupled with the right mindset. It is an honour to be announcing Firstup and hope to work with you closer in 2024.”

— Matt Manners, Founder and CEO, Inspiring Workplaces

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