Firstup infuses AI into intelligent communication platform

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Nicole Alvino

Earlier in the summer, we gave you a sneak peek into our approach to AI within the Firstup intelligent communication platform. We highlighted our excitement about making strategic investments in this area, and today, I’m thrilled to share more comprehensive details about CommunicationAI—an innovation that promises to act as a foundation as we reshape the landscape for communicators and HR leaders. 

The world of intelligent communications for the workforce is evolving rapidly, and as pioneers of intelligent communications, Firstup is positioned at the forefront of the AI revolution. We believe that AI is a transformational business accelerator, which is why I’m excited to share our vision for CommunicationAI—combining powerful AI capabilities with the Firstup intelligent communication platform to revolutionize the employee experience. 

With powerful capabilities like generative content, predictions, and automation, CommunicationAI is a must-have capability for communicators, HR leaders, as well as employees who now have an AI-enabled interface to request and access information.

With these AI enhancements combined with rich employee engagement data, CommunicationAI is set to redefine how communicators create hyperpersonalized journeys across their employee experience. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

  • AI capabilities within Creator Studio empower you to create superior content effortlessly. From high-quality text to subject lines, visuals, summaries, and templates, AI Content does it all. 
  • Use natural language prompts to easily create customized audiences, which you can continuously refine to deliver the most personalized and contextually relevant communications. 
  • To better understand how your people perceive your campaigns, we’ll help you analyze the sentiment on individual campaigns so you can optimize them in real time and improve engagement.
  • AI is powerful when combined with search. We’re thrilled to help employees get instant answers, anytime. With the platform’s AI-powered digital assistant, employees get the right information from various systems without the hassle of complex queries. Natural language prompts from employees surface the correct context and results.
  • You already know all about our actionable predictive analytics that empower you to pinpoint the right moment and digital channel for maximum engagement, which is a cornerstone of the Firstup Intelligent communication platform. We’re thrilled to go even further, helping you gain a holistic view of the engagement of your workforce levels beyond views and clicks. These insights will give you early warning signals for performance, productivity, and retention issues so you can take proactive measures before it’s too late and give you a forward-looking view of employee engagement.

Our journey with CommunicationAI begins this fall, and I invite you to be part of this exciting evolution. Join us at Attune, our community-led employee experience event September 26–27 to witness CommunicationAI in action.

The Firstup platform provides rich data from HR and internal communication campaigns, offering insights into workforce engagement. By pairing GenAI with holistic employee engagement data, our platform proactively and automatically addresses workforce issues and opportunities. HR and communication leaders now have all the tools to deliver on company objectives and provide employees with a hyperpersonalized experience.

Cheryl Chavez, Chief Product Officer

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The Rise of the Intelligent Communication Platform

June 26, 2024