Unveiling Firstup Q3 product highlights

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Hallie Pridham

Welcome to our quarterly product roundup, where we look at the recent exciting updates and enhancements from Q3 releases in the Firstup platform. We’re thrilled to share new integrations and features that make your Creator Studio experience even more efficient, foster inclusivity, and enhance your employee engagement across your entire ecosystem. So, let’s dive in.

Bridging the gap with the Firstup Microsoft Teams App

One of the standout features from this quarter is the launch of the Firstup Microsoft Teams App. We know that context switching between applications can cost employees valuable time and productivity. To address this, we’ve introduced a highly anticipated integration that seamlessly connects your Firstup community with Microsoft Teams.

Tab Experience Bundled

This self-service integration allows you to bring your Firstup experiences directly into the Microsoft Teams environment, both on desktop and mobile. It’s the bridge your employees need to access companywide, department-specific, and personalized content where they spend most of their workday. This integration also provides immediate access to resources and productivity boosters like Shortcuts and digital assistant notifications.

But that’s not all! This integration also enables you to map specific Firstup Topics to corresponding Microsoft Teams channels, ensuring your communications automatically reach both places. We’re excited to see how this integration can revolutionize your team’s workflow.

Enhanced audience management, publishing flexibility, and inclusivity for your employee experience

Our focus for these new features was to make your Creator Studio experience even better by enhancing audience management and publishing flexibility. 

Freeform preferred pronouns 

We’ve taken a step toward fostering inclusivity by allowing employees to express their pronouns authentically in their profile settings.

Freeform preferred pronouns

Custom team alias

To increase relevance and engagement, you can now send messages on behalf of different groups, teams, and departments. Custom Team Alias allows you to personalize your content and reach the right audiences.

Custom Team Alias

Streamlined advanced permissions with bulk updates

We’re thrilled to make your Advanced Permissions experience more impactful and easier with bulk updates. Now, you can assign roles and restrictions to multiple users simultaneously, eliminating time-consuming updates.

Bulk Updates

More exciting developments on the horizon

And with that, we wrap up the big updates that came out of our Q3 releases. We remain committed to enhancing your employee experience, and we’re just getting started. If you caught us at Attune ’23, you’ll know there are even more exciting things on the horizon.

Want to catch up on all of our Attune ’23 content in the meantime? Check out the on-demand library for videos and audios of keynote speakers and breakout sessions.

We can’t wait to share more exciting news from Firstup with you soon!

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