Buckle your seatbelts, we’re about to reach cruising altitude!

A new podcast broadcasting employee experience lessons from leaders at companies with over 30,000 employees is ready for take-off.

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Welcome to the rarified air of those developing the best employee experience in the world.

If you are a leader at a company with over 30,000 employees, managing employee experience is a little different. Problems are more complex, and implementing change is more difficult.

The Cruising Altitude podcast features interviews with leaders who are designing the best digital employee experiences in the world—from the front lines to the back office. 

The Captain has turned off the Fasten Seat Belt sign, and you are now free to move about the cabin!

Here’s a preview of our flight plan… 


Supporting Employee Success Again and Again with Mark Settle, Seven-time CIO

Mark has served as CIO for companies like Okta, Arrow Electronics, and Visa. He specializes in enterprise software, high-tech distribution, and financial services. His most recent book, “Truth from the Valley, a Practical Primer on IT Management for the Next Decade,” was released in 2020.

On this episode, Mark discusses the challenges of personalizing the employee experience at larger companies, streamlining IT operations at the service desk, and automating busywork. He also shares tips on how to tell if initiatives are being effective, how to avoid the IT-ticket circus and the importance of trying out new digital tools.


Crafting A Seamless Employee Experience with Aaron Gerlitz, Program Manager of Information Security at Lowe’s

This episode features an interview with Aaron Gerlitz, Program Manager of Information Security at Lowe’s. Aaron’s job is to keep the digital tools and applications running smoothly and securely for over 300,000 employees and 2,200 stores across North America. He orchestrates complex, multi-year projects implementing software, building new capabilities, and running data analytics. Aaron talks about how the hard work behind the scenes makes for a seamless digital employee experience.


Becoming the Employee Experience Guru with Tony Saldanha, Former VP of Global Business Services at Procter & Gamble

This episode features an interview with Tony Saldanha, an industry leader in information technology with more than 30 years of experience in Global Business Services design, operations and governance. He’s the former VP of GBS at Procter & Gamble and was previously named one of the world’s Premier 100 IT Professionals. In this episode, Tony talks about user-journey mapping, setting expectations for continuous improvement, and striving for employee delight.


See Yourself in the Customer Experience with Erica Cary, Vice President of Product and Services at Hilton

This episode features an interview with Erica Cary, Vice President of Product and Services at Hilton. Erica has more than 18 years of experience in technology, client relationship management, and business development. At Hilton, she’s responsible for creating digital experiences for both employees and guests. In this episode, she talks about creating a relevant experience for a diverse workforce, making inclusive ads, and personalizing the experience by providing choice.

Don’t miss upcoming guests, Nicole Alvino, Founder & CSO at Firstup, Rajamma Krishnamurthy, Sr. Director HR Technology at Microsoft, and more! 

Life is different over 30,000. Welcome to Cruising Altitude.

Podcast: Cruising Altitude

Episode Length: 20-30 mins 

Frequency: Episodes release twice a month 

Where can I listen to it? Cruising Altitude is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Simplecast, Spotify, and most podcast apps and services.

Who is this show for? Employee experience leaders, CIOs, CTOs, IT professionals, and HR and communications leaders. 

Who created the podcast? Cruising Altitude is produced by the team at Caspian Studios and presented by Firstup. 

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