Counting down to Attune All In — EX event for communicators

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Our Attune All In virtual broadcast is happening soon! Get a preview of the content and learn how to sign up before registration closes.
Attune All In Preview

The countdown is on—our Attune All In virtual broadcast event is almost here! There are just days left until we meet our speakers from Fortune 500 enterprises Dow and U.S. Steel. We can’t wait to hear what they have to say about the changing landscape of employee engagement, and see what kind of campaigns they’re creating to connect with their people. 

In preparation, we’ve put together a short preview of what our speakers will be sharing during our virtual broadcast. We hope it inspires you and gets you excited for the main event!


How U.S. Steel boosted engagement 3x

With a workforce of frontline, mobile and office workers spread across 9 states plus the EU, employee engagement was a challenge for U.S. Steel. As Chief Communications Officer John Ambler put it, “we could get to 15% of our population on a good day.” For a company dealing in a volatile commodity while shifting to a new business strategy of sustainable steel, that lack of connection with employees just wasn’t going to cut it–but modernizing their communications was a daunting task. 

In the U.S. Steel Attune session, John shares how the company changed the way they gathered employee insights to learn what was really relevant to the workforce. Find out what kind of content the employee communications team is creating since the change, and how they’re making sure the message reaches the right employees. He’ll also share how the team built support for their modernization among company leaders. 

“As soon as [our CEO] was participating, all the other senior executive executives of the company were in as well. And it just exploded in a very positive way.”

John Ambler, Vice President & Chief Communications and Brand Management Officer, U.S. Steel

How Dow doubled its number of users to 20,000 in one day

A big part of Dow’s push for modernized communications was equity in information access. Much of their workforce is on the front line in product development and manufacturing roles, and the company’s primary method of communication was a SharePoint intranet—something their users couldn’t easily access. 

Dow adopted a workforce communications platform to give employees information access on more channels, including mobile and digital signage. Rather than doing a gradual rollout, they opted to launch across the entire company at once, so that every role, title and department had the same capabilities. But how did they get their more than 36,000 employees to adopt the new technology? 

For Dow engagement leaders Christine Miller and Jennifer Holzinger, the answer was making the platform the only access point for information that every employee was likely to want. So when it was time to announce the payout for performance bonuses, the information was only accessible on the platform. To find out how much their bonus was, employees would have to register—this tactic made adoption skyrocket, with 10,000 new employees registering in 24 hours. 

In an interview with Firstup Strategic Advisor Rey Bouknight, Christine and Jennifer will share what other tactics they used to get all their employees—plus 9,000 contractors—to a 100% adoption rate.

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An event powered by communications

Attune All In is hosted by Firstup, the communications software provider born from SocialChorus and Dynamic Signal. But this event is powered by communicators—both the ones we employ and the ones we serve. Learn how your peers are making content that people care about and improving the day-to-day experience for every employee. Hear their stories as only true communicators can tell them at Registration is closing soon, so don’t miss out!


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