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Years ago, healthcare workers were constantly on the move. They often made house-calls and went to where the patients could be found rather than being centralized at a clinic or hospital setting. A patient (or their family) would call for the doctor and he would come to them, wherever needed. 

Today’s healthcare workforce is again becoming more mobile, with workers visiting multiple facilities and again traveling to make house calls. But unlike years long past, there’s a need for improved digital communication within this mobile workforce. Even when healthcare workers have access to the same systems as administrators, many are on the move and don’t have time to wade through the communications to find what is relevant. 

As healthcare IT administrator, your colleagues may be sitting behind an administrative desk or walking the floor in a hospital setting, bouncing between several clinical settings, or even making house calls. How can you implement a centralized communication platform for a mobile workforce? Read on to find out.

Digital workplace

In 2020, all sorts of businesses learned about digital workplaces. While remote work was once the realm of a handful of freelancers and those who had to be constantly on the go, today it’s more common than ever. What does this mean? The digital workplace is a reality across all sorts of industries and companies.

Imagine being able to push notifications to your entire workforce or only a specific group. Imagine those employees being able to access vital company information remotely, no matter what type of device they are using or where they are located. And imagine connecting the IT assets and technologies of your entire company to a single ecosystem, for ease of use and increased adoption. This is possible.

The ability to push critical information, combined with the intelligence to meet your frontline teams at the right place and time to receive and act on the information, is available. Firstup offers a device-agnostic platform that allows for corporate personalization, simplified workflows, and an improved digital employee experience

Internal communications

Whether your employees are working side-by-side or in locations across the country, you need a secure and reliable means of internal communication. Firstup offers all of this and more. 

CEO communications can be easily pushed to every employee, offering active executive leadership opportunities. Better yet, our platform allows you to measure the effectiveness of leadership communications with analytics tools showing you how employees engage with messages and leadership.

In the constantly evolving field of healthcare, keeping everyone on the same page is vital. Company alignment messaging is designed to do just that. As conditions change, your teams might need to adjust by closing ERs for additional ICU capacity or changing visitation policies. When these procedures have to change quickly, Firstup will ensure the information quickly gets to the right people to take the right action. On top of that, you can use the platform to measure employee engagement to help you optimize messaging for the best results.

Finally, our platform can allow teams to communicate within their groupings efficiently and effectively, no matter where they may be located. It can be used for direct one-on-one communication, small group engagement, or full company broadcasts. In short, whatever type of communication you desire, it can all be done in one simple platform, simplifying IT and improving efficiency at the same time.

Security and infrastructure

Because they handle sensitive patient data, healthcare companies have to be aware of security concerns. Our platform is trusted and certified by some of the highest security standards on the planet. We use industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption both in transit and at rest, with end-to-end application vulnerability and penetration tests to ensure your data stays safe and secure. 

We know how important it is that your employees always have access to company information. We’ve worked to have the highest availability of any communications platform in the market. You’ll have access to a dedicated architect, for tech support and an easy implementation process that can’t be beaten. We provide 24/7 support by phone and email, and end-users can access our support system directly within Firstup applications. And since we’re constantly working to improve security and infrastructure, you’ll never have to worry about the platform falling behind or becoming vulnerable. 


If your workforce doesn’t sit behind desks all day, you need a powerful communication tool to keep everyone connected and on the same page. In healthcare, you also need to prioritize security and ensure that workers can access data no matter where they might find themselves. You can gain all this and more with Firstup. Request a Firstup demo today to learn about all the ways we can help streamline communications for your workforce.

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