Internal Communications

Align your company by reaching every worker

Experience a unified workflow that lets you create content, publish once and get the message to all of your employees.


Open a connection

Break down the traditional walls between executive leadership and employees to create a more cohesive organization.

Get the CEO’s message to every wired and frontline worker in real time.

Learn how your people are responding to, and engaging with, your leadership.

Make your CEO approachable by giving leaders a way to create and post authentic, unfiltered content.

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Get on the same page

Send your communications to every member of your workforce so they can act on it together.

Distribute information to employees on the endpoints, channels and devices they already use.

Use the Firstup orchestration engine to give every worker the content that’s relevant to them—without filling their inbox.

Find out which communications are resonating with your audience and optimize what isn’t.

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Make every worker feel included

Company culture is integral to an engaged workforce. Give every employee a platform to get involved.

Publish stories that highlight your organization’s culture and inspire participation.

Spark conversation by letting employees like, comment on or share posts, whether within groups or across the company.

Measure how workers feel about trending topics, then signal boost what’s resonating and rethink what’s not.

Encourage your people to share their experiences at work through posts, photos and videos.

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“Our goal is not just to connect every employee but also to build culture. […] So we have a full division of truck drivers, [and] they are the hardest employees to reach […] I think they always felt connected to their division, but not to the company that is Love’s, and what all of that entails, the big picture of what we stand for. And after rollout to this group, it’s just been amazing—they were hungry for that connection, and now we’re seeing it.”

Kyla Turner | Former Communications Manager | Love’s Travel Stops


Keep your board informed

Give all your members visibility into the company by curating just the right information for them.

Provide your board members up-to-the-minute insight into what’s happening at your organization.

Send clear, digestible information without overwhelming or misleading your audience.

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