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Put your front line first

Turnover among factory workers continues to be a significant challenge. Attracting, retaining, and developing employees is critical to your production levels and the bottom line. You can improve engagement and retention by giving your frontline workers a personalized employee experience on any device with Firstup.


Unify employee communications on a single platform


Create branded, end-to-end campaigns across every channel


Optimize delivery based on employee preferences and behaviors


Gain real-time insights for every employee, across the employee journey


Reach every worker

Critical communications must reach your entire workforce, especially those nowhere near a computer. Close the tech gap by creating a centralized, interactive platform for company content—accessible on any device at any time. Improve engagement, compliance, and safety when every employee receives the information and support they need.

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Improve employee access

Frontline workers use numerous tools while navigating unpredictable day-to-day tasks. Give your employees ready access to an integrated suite of tools—including UKG, ADP, and ServiceNow—right on their mobile devices. A single entry point for tasks and actions will increase worker efficiency and productivity.


Give them a strong start

Frontline workers expect better technology and more personalization, like they experience as a consumer in the marketplace. Improve new hire retention with digitized onboarding content. Introduce them to company culture and compliance information, while ensuring they have information specific to their role and location.

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Show your appreciation

You know your workers aren’t just cogs in the machine—make sure they know it too. Cultivating a culture of recognition and belonging is key to strong engagement and retention. Celebrate special moments throughout the employee journey, from work anniversaries to promotions. Give well-deserved kudos. And foster inclusion by observing global and regional holidays.

Firstup connects with your essential HR tools

Dow Connect by Firstup “brings the story to employees in one singular place. It’s easy to use, it’s intuitive, and it’s easy for us to have the power and control to give the access to those other story-tellers at the company.”

Jenn Holzinger

Lead of Global Employee and HR Communications


of their workforce, across 160 countries, are now engaged!

Create an exceptional employee experience for your frontline workers with Firstup.