Personalize your intranet

Today’s employees live in different systems depending on their role, location and access to technology. Directing them to a central hub no longer works—deliver your intranet to where they are with Firstup.

Enable your employees to interact with any enterprise system or service directly from Firstup.

Give employees personally relevant company news, critical updates, to-dos and reminders with an embedded smart inbox.

Build an instant feedback loop by embedding content feeds where workers can react, comment and share.

Enable searching across all your systems, services and resources—from one place.

Provide frontline and wired workers with the same seamless intranet experience on any mobile or desktop device.

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In Their Words

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An easier workflow for everyone

You need your people to understand and act on your critical information. Your workers want a simplified digital experience. Meet both needs with Firstup.

Target by demographic data like role or business unit, and behavioral data from interactions that are continuously updated.

Use your targeting capabilities to make the digital experience relevant to each worker, on every endpoint, channel or device they use. 

Cut through the noise of too many messages and reach employees with the right information at the right time in their journey. 

Give workers one place to access their most-used systems with an embedded digital assistant. They’ll use it to view pay stubs and PTO—then read and act on important company news.

Link all your most important technologies through Firstup to increase adoption and ROI.

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Reach all your employees

Workers on the front line are often disconnected from enterprise channels like email and the intranet. Firstup can reach them with targeted content, so they align and act on your goals.

Get targeted information to all your deskless workers on their personal devices or digital signage.

Make enterprise systems accessible to workers on their mobile devices. They’ll use Firstup to get everything from pay stubs to PTO, and stay to get your message.

Find out what content is driving employee action, and retarget missed communications to get the response you want. 

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“More than 60% of our employee base is in manufacturing […] they’re not sitting at a desk, they’re not having the individual experience of going to the intranet, even email can be difficult to access. […] What the Firstup platform does is bring the story to employees in one singular place. They’re able to customize the information that’s coming to them based on what’s important to them, and then we can share the information from a company perspective that they need to know to do their job.”

Jennifer Holzinger | Global HR and Employee Communications | Dow


Gain visibility enterprise-wide

Employee data is business critical, yet most companies are under-utilizing it because of a siloed digital workplace. Use Firstup to cut through those silos and discover insights across your company.

Run polls that can reach every worker in your organization. Use them to measure employee sentiment and see reporting tied to your key business initiatives.

Tie behavioral data from platform interactions to worker demographic data from your HRIS, and see what’s going on with every segment of your workforce.

View response to required content to learn how well your people are understanding, and acting on, company initiatives and goals.

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The Rise of the Intelligent Communication Platform

June 26, 2024