93% IT executives find workers without access to technology less productive

Majority of SocialChorus/Pulse study respondents claim deskless workers left out of online engagement

IDC and Gartner analyses underscore need for digital employee experience for all

SAN FRANCISCO – Nov. 10, 2020 — A recent SocialChorus/Pulse survey of 100 IT executives found that 96% agreed productivity and alignment to company business goals drops when employee engagement tools are unavailable. Almost three quarters (72%) of the respondents admitted that deskless employees did not have access to the same digital tools that desk workers had. Conversely, the survey uncovered that desk workers are bombarded with internal communication tools, also resulting in reduced productivity. Other findings included:

  • 73% are using at least six internal communication tools
  • 74% complain numerous tools create too much noise and hamper productivity
  • 96% don’t have complete visibility into the employee experience
  • 49% claim a unified view will increase productivity

“As more employees work from home, employee communications and engagement are becoming increasingly complex,” explained Nicole Alvino, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at SocialChorus, a leading workforce communications platform. “The key to navigating successfully in this uncertain climate is to provide a unified digital employee experience for both desk and frontline workers.”

A recent IDC report underscores this sentiment. In their Technology Spotlight, “Beyond Collaboration: Hybrid Workers Need Anywhere Access to Essential Information Resources and Tools,” IDC concludes that to truly drive work transformation, organizations need an online engagement platform that can accommodate every worker and every use case, no matter where the worker is located. The report notes 47% of organizations that had a digital transformation plan in place before the pandemic are thriving.

Gartner also offers a supporting perspective. Its recent “Market Guide for Intranet Packaged Solutions,” includes SocialChorus in their list of solutions and concludes that modern intranets require a technology platform that facilitates multiple types of workers and multiple styles of work. The need for a modern intranet is driven by many factors, including the mass transition to work from home due to COVID-19 as well as dissatisfaction with traditional intranets that aren’t meeting corporate goals, aren’t providing a positive employee experience, and aren’t providing enterprises with the agility and flexibility needed for digital transformation.

“The Pulse survey echoes what all the analysts and IT executives are observing and agreeing on,” continues Alvino “Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the need for a unified digital employee experience for all workers  across all departments and areas.”  

About SocialChorus

SocialChorus is the workforce communication backbone that orchestrates the digital employee experience for every worker, automates communication workflow to drive alignment and action, and delivers enterprise-wide insights from every interaction.  As digital transformation and the future of work converge, the employee experience is critical to business success. Companies need to create a unified digital employee experience for all employee categories—not just wired office workers, but frontline, remote and distributed workers too. We are proud to be the communications backbone at more than 150 of the world’s largest employers, including 10 of the Fortune 50.


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