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The Firstup Journey Planner

From preboarding to offboarding, every communication along the employee journey counts. Plan your comms cadence with the Firstup Journey Planner and start improving the employee experience today.

You’re on a mission to improve the employee experience through journey mapping—that’s great news!

Once you have completed employee journey mapping, it’s time to chart out the communications needed at every touchpoint. 

Communication is the foundation of an impactful employee journey. Whether it is a heartfelt anniversary congratulations or timely tips for a new manager, engaging and relevant communication ensures a supportive experience at every turn in the journey. 

We created the Firstup Journey Planner to give you a head start on planning your communication cadence. 

This workbook will help you identify and coordinate:

  • Essential communications for each touchpoint in the employee journey
  • Targeted audiences for relevant, personalized information
  • Ideal delivery to reach workers at the right time, in the right channel
  • Owners and stakeholders to keep communication campaigns on track

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