Navigating the future of generative AI

HR Comms Trends for 2024 - Navigating the Generative AI Wave
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Brittany Barhite

This week’s blog is the fourth in the series on top trends in HR communications for 2024—and the list would not be complete without AI.

Generative AI is rapidly becoming an integral part of the HR landscape, and its influence is set to grow even further. Given the continuous advancements in automation and AI, HR professionals should prepare for the seamless integration of AI into technologies and various aspects of their work, from recruitment to onboarding and everyday tasks.

There’s a fair share of concern about AI potentially displacing HR and communication jobs. It’s important to recognize that AI is an efficiency tool—just like email or Google when they first came on the scene. Generative AI offers invaluable support in tasks such as generating initial drafts of job descriptions, interview questions, or policies. It can aid in crafting engaging open enrollment communications or quickly analyzing and identifying qualitative themes in engagement surveys.

However, AI does not replace the qualities of critical thinking, emotional intelligence, strategic planning, and human relationships—all of which are the lifeblood of HR roles. Instead, generative AI complements these skills—freeing up time for HR professionals to focus on their strategic and value-driven responsibilities. Rather than taking away an HR professional’s job, AI underscores the importance of acquiring AI proficiency as a vital skill.

Making AI work for you

I know you are already thinking about generative AI as you head into 2024, but have you started to play with generative AI yet to see its capabilities for helping with efficiency and first drafts of HR communications? If not, find a platform like ChatGPT and start with a few simple writing prompts or have it find themes in your annual engagement survey data. 

If your company policies limit or prohibit generative AI, meet with IT to find out what their vision is for incorporating the technology. Most IT departments are already researching, demoing, or launching secure AI tools within their companies. Consulting with IT will help you determine how your team can take advantage of the technology as they roll it out, as well as what types of policies and communications HR and IT needs to collaborate on. 

Generative AI is here to stay. It’s another tool in the HR communication arsenal, akin to the transformative impact of email and the internet when they were first introduced.

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