Firstup honored as Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution for Employee Experience

Firstup HR Tech Award Win
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The secret behind successful companies isn’t simply that they provide products, services, or solutions that improve their customers’ lives. What makes organizations thrive—increased revenue, customer satisfaction, and growth—are engaged employees.

Strong engagement reflects a workforce instilled with a sense of purpose and emotional investment in their roles and company mission. A positive employee experience is what drives that engagement—and engagement begins with communication.

Firstup stands out among employee experience solutions

The HR Tech Awards 2023 recently announced that Firstup won for Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution in the Employee Experience, a category that spotlights software innovators for “solving old problems in new ways.”

The HR Tech Awards are decided by Lighthouse Research & Advisory, an influential boutique analyst firm that provides tailored research and technology reviews.

By Lighthouse estimates, there are more than 4,000 HR technology firms—a number that’s rapidly rising as more employee experience vendors enter the market. The HR Tech Awards recognize approximately 1% of these firms for “their focus on creating solutions that solve problems their customers care about.”

Digital noise, employee disconnection, and low engagement have plagued companies for years, costing them millions in lost productivity. What sets us apart from other HR tech vendors—and what’s especially significant about this recognition—is the innovative way we solve this long-standing problem.

Communication will make or break the employee experience

Clear and targeted communication is fundamental to any successful experience, whether it’s scheduling a medical procedure or organizing a wedding.

The same holds true in the workplace. Without effective communication, employees can feel disconnected and disengaged, leading to lower morale, productivity, and ultimately, business results.

Employees don’t need more content, or even better content. They need the right content—what’s most relevant and useful—at the time and on the channel that’s most convenient for them.

Firstup is the first intelligent communication platform, designed to connect distributed workforces, capture essential data through machine learning, and deliver more personalized content—enabling organizations to foster more positive and productive working environments.

A better way to connect and engage

Firstup provides HR leaders with a better way to communicate with their employees. We continue to roll out new offerings to increase value, including a suite of Employee Journey packages to help HR managers automate and optimize essential communications for new hires, open enrollment, recognition, manager development, wellness, DEI, and more.

HR and employee experience professionals can identify the moments that define an employee’s journey and design campaigns customized and personalized for each employee so they feel connected, motivated, and engaged throughout their tenure.

Putting employees first to lift companies up 

As leaders in the employee experience space, Firstup succeeds by helping our customers succeed first. And we’re excited to see what the future holds as we continue improving communication and engagement for employees everywhere.

“A software solution that champions change, growth, and retention of your workforce with solutions for internal communication, IT, and C-suite strategic initiatives. Firstup has enhanced employee profiles and optimized delivery, which has helped Fortune 100 companies work smarter, not harder.”

— George Rogers, Chief Culture Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

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