Content Planner: Collaborate, create, and predict with a birds-eye view

Now internal communicators have Content Planner, the first enterprise-level strategic planning tool that offers a birds-eye view of your entire program.


One-off posts. Unfocused planning. No metrics on what performed well and what didn’t.

These are the challenges communicators face…

From planning to distribution to analyzing content performance, creating compelling communications can be a disjointed experience. Today, planning occurs on a myriad of different spreadsheets across teams so important announcements and change initiatives often get lost. In the end, employees may not get the information they need to do their jobs.

Marketers, HR, and sales teams alike have long since had tools that assisted with their strategic planning, collaboration, and measurement. It’s overdue that internal communicators had a tool that elevated their approach as well.

Introducing Content Planner

Content Planner is the first enterprise-level strategic planning tool to offer a birds-eye view of your entire communications program – transforming the way you work.

Teams can easily collaborate on review cycles and even predict the reach and impact of future posts. More than just scheduling content, you can streamline the entire content process.

Content Planner key features include:

  • Predictive performance: Estimate the reach and impact of your posts based on targeting, day of week, and past performance, which allows communicators to take a proactive — rather than reactive — approach to optimizing their communications.
  • Birds-eye view of programs: Review your content plans — by month, week, or day — and schedule communications from one place.
  • Advanced collaboration: Assign posts to authors across the organization and share notes and feedback.
  • Enhanced measurement: View past performance metrics — from overall content performance down to specific posts — to identify patterns, see what specific content or days performed well, and create insights about the future.
  • Content ideas and inspiration: Get inspired about what to write and share, with a new collection of events and topics related to each calendar day. Because writing great content is not always easy, Content Planner helps communicators with new content ideas.

Say goodbye to one-off publishing

Vodafone needed a more efficient way to plan and publish content to reach and engage employees in 25 global markets. As an early user of Content Planner, they got to see how Content Planner could impact their communications strategy.

“Firstup has helped us transform the way we keep our employees engaged worldwide by enabling us to keep them informed wherever they may be, and now Content Planner helps lift the burden on our global communications teams as well,” said Tahni Morrison, global digital communications manager at Vodafone. “With Content Planner, we can more easily and thoughtfully plan our communications within the same platform that we are publishing, rather than thinking through one post at a time and referring to a separate, less dynamic team planner. This not only saves hours of time for our team, but ultimately makes our communications programs more effective, productive and impactful to our business.”

Here’s how you and your team will optimize your communications planning with Content Planner.

Content Planner offers a monthly, weekly, and day view of your entire communications program with embedded predictive metrics. By evaluating past content performance, the technology predicts how new content will engage your employees. This removes the guesswork, and truly allows communicators to transform the way they plan and produce new content.

Easily schedule posts and assign authors from across the company with Content Planner’s birds-eye view. Here, you can see all your future communications or look back at content published in the past. You can also see embedded performance metrics for any time period right from the same view.

Here’s a view on a published content card, which provides insights such as user reach, engagement rate, and comments.

SocialChorus' Content Planner

Creating new content is always a challenge, and Content Planner offers you ideas and inspirations for every day of the year. From popular events to history topics, you’ll save time researching and producing new content. And you’ll be able to save all your drafts for review before scheduling, which makes team hand-offs easy.  

By helping teams plan a more comprehensive, end-to-end, and even predictive communications strategy – not just one-off posts – Content Planner is a game-changer. It streamlines your workload while upleveling the value of communications for the business.

To learn more about Content Planner and how Firstup helps organizations reach and engage their employees, schedule a demo today.

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