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How to optimize your communications with fewer resources

Brett Lutz, VP of Global Communications at ADM breaks down how his team plans, produces and optimizes content employees want while keeping overhead and costs low.

Watch as Brett Lutz, VP of Global Communications at ADM details how his small but effective team developed, expanded and optimized their internal communications platform — and learn how you can too!

With over 40,000 employees, ADM had relied on email, focused primarily toward a US-based audience, and were technologically limited by a 2010 SharePoint intranet platform. They launched “ADM Inside News” on the SocialChorus FirstUp platform that radically changed how the 100-year-old company communicated. 

“Within a month, we went from 1,800 people to 18,000 people looking at the content on a regular basis.”

Listen in on ADM’s journey, and how a small team of communicators was able to increase their employee reach by 10-fold in just one month by applying a few key techniques that you can employ at your own company, including:

  • Committing to and aligning communications into one single source of truth
  • Creating content channels to offer topics that employee will actually gravitate toward
  • Understanding that external content is as valuable as internal content, and learning to integrate social media
  • Knowing the value of user and executive generated content to make connections and form communities 
  • Giving employees a free voice and opportunity to express themselves
  • Building global content that is customized and localized for your regional audiences

Brett explains how, even with a small team, they were able to optimize their communications platform and bring their employees into a shared experience.


Brett Lutz
VP of Global Communications at ADM

Kensley Wigginton
Sr. Strategic Advisor, SocialChorus

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