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Three ways to introduce meaningful employee listening

Do you hear what I’m not saying? Watch this lightning talk on ways to rethink how you listen to and engage with your employees.

We can never truly know what we’re seeing with just a glance, passing by. There’s always so much more. Add that to a remote or hybrid workforce – even in-office colleagues who face new challenges – and you have every reason to seek more meaningful conversations about their experience right now. But how?

Whether you have 7 or 70,000 employees, there are manageable ways to lookup more often and open up more purposefully to what your workforce needs, wants and expects.

In this lightning-fast session, we’ll explore three ways to listen and act that might not have made their way into your 2022 comms strategy. 

Get ideas on: 

  • Leveling up employee surveys and quick polls. Get examples of deeper, more relevant questions and a variety of methods.
  • Discover ways to remove the mystique around asking employees for their insights.
  • Engaging managers and employee resource groups. Consider ways to tap into safe zones for employees, empowering those closest to your colleagues and building on existing levels of trust.
  • Committing to 30-day action. Learn the value of transparency and making a commitment to act quickly, including forming action plan teams before the results.

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