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The power of employee engagement with Extreme Networks

Learn how the networking giant leverages internal comms to meet its goals.

At Extreme Networks, their goal is to “Connect Enterprises to Those Who Matter Most,” and with over 3,000 employees across the globe, they live by the same motto when connecting their workforce. Getting the information their workers need, whenever and where they are, not only strengthens their culture but helps drive results.

When their workforce started complaining about a lack of content and access to critical tools, they knew they needed to change the way they were communicating with their employees. The solution was the E360 platform, powered by Firstup. With the ability to reach across every employee endpoint — email, mobile, desktop, intranet, and even Microsoft Teams — the platform quickly became part of their DNA. What’s more, Extreme Networks was able to correlate sales productivity with platform engagement: 60% of the reps that regularly exceeded quota use the platform and engage with the content daily.

“Our employees are more engaged because they are seeing the information, and more effective because they have the tools they need.”

— Lisa Yeaton, Extreme Networks

Hear from the communications team at Extreme Networks as they share how they manage to keep over 90% of their employees engaged — including both executives and employees — at a high level. Get tips from the team on how to:

  • Ensure employees have the information they need at their fingertips, no matter where they are
  • Use dynamic, targeted scheduling to speak directly to your workforce when they are most likely to be listening 
  • Use newsletter templates and “content bundles” to streamline content distribution and give employees multiple opportunities to hear important company news
  • Increase user-generated content with proven strategies to get employees to share and amplify your brand messages
  • Scale your content initiatives to go from individual to external, and expand the reach of your communications
  • Get executives engaged and comfortable with internal communications and create videos for employees

See examples of the programs that are helping drive better connections and performance within Extreme Networks — and how you can do the same at your organization!

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