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How to spark synergy across your workforce with Lincoln Electric

Founded in 1895, Lincoln Electric started as a “spark of ingenuity.” As the global leader in arc welding and cutting, they were founded on innovation but grounded by a shared purpose of “operating by a higher standard to build a better world.”

Now, their team of fewer than 2 FTEs leverages the Firstup platform to reach their global audience of over 11,000 employees in 13 languages across 56 plants in 19 countries. 

Join Amanda Butler, VP of Investor Relations & Communications at Lincoln Electric, as she shares how their small but mighty team leveraged a pent-up demand for storytelling and sharing into a global communications hub. She’ll share her tips for:

  • How even small teams can produce large results
  • Using the power of translation to help make sharing easier and more effective
  • Onboarding a team of content contributors to help you weave a richer story 
  • Creating one company culture to highlight work around the world

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The Rise of the Intelligent Communication Platform

June 26, 2024