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Personalizing the employee journey: Intelligent communication at the moments that matter

Experts from The Josh Bersin Company and Firstup share insights for overcoming workplace communication challenges to reach every employee.

Despite the mass proliferation of technologies in the workplace, many organizations still struggle to ensure their workforce is engaged — a business-critical factor that directly influences employee satisfaction and productivity. HR and comms leaders know intelligent communication is essential for a positive employee experience, from head office to the factory floor. But what does that really look like in large, often geographically dispersed organizations?

Hosted by Mike Vilimek, VP of Product, Solutions, & Alliances Marketing at Firstup, watch to hear from Sabra Sciolaro, Chief People Officer at Firstup, as well as experts from The Josh Bersin Company, the world’s leading HR analyst and research firm; Janet Mertens, Vice President of Research, and Julia Bersin, Senior Research Analyst.

Join our webinar for a 45-minute fireside chat covering topics including:

  • Identifying key moments where communication is critical throughout the employee journey, and the ways reaching (or not reaching) workers at these junctures can have an effect on the bottom line of a business
  • The power of  feedback from the frontline to enable businesses to gain unprecedented data and insights, and identify cost-saving opportunities
  • How Big Lots communicates with its workforce in a way that truly resonates, making The Beat a platform associates want to engage with

Listen today to hear the stories and key learnings from Firstup and The Josh Bersin Company, the world’s leading HR analyst and research firm.

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