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Modernizing for a unique workforce

Learn how The Davey Tree Expert Company is meeting their dispersed employee teams where they are through technology, and growing an engaged and loyal workforce.

At Davey Tree, the recent change to the traditional workforce doesn’t really seem like much of a change. With teams throughout North America that traditionally rely on morning tailgates and manager team meetings, being dispersed is not new. Reaching every employee and engaging them with critical information is. 

Founded in 1880, Davey Tree is the eighth-largest employee-owned company in the nation. They take employee engagement seriously and knew that the ability to reach all employees in real-time was imperative to the culture, safety and growth of their 11,000 strong community. 

Davey Tree turned to technology and implemented DaveyConnect, an app-based employee communication platform to connect and share information across their workforce. 

Join Helen Thompson, Senior Project Manager, Corporate Communications at Davey Tree when she chats with Becky Graebe, Senior Director, Communication Strategy at Firstup about best practices and examples of employee communications with a dispersed workforce including:

  • The use of additional language tools to speak directly to your workforce – meet the needs of your audience 
  • The value of having real-time updates/communication
  • See examples of their most popular content that are both fun, and helpful
  • How to integrate worker tools into the platform for easy access, such as SuccessFactors, and avoid ‘app-pocalypse’

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear and see real-world examples of how to reach and engage with your dispersed workforce.

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