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Lessons from Lincoln Financial: How to use planning and data to empower your teams

Using a modern approach to employee engagement — how Lincoln Financial uses data to empower their teams

Join Lindsey Sofia, AVP of Communications Operations at Lincoln Financial Group as she shares tactics and techniques for how the centuries-old company takes a modern, data-driven approach to employee engagement to show value and make an impact.

Lincoln Financial set out to modernize their communications to reach younger workers but quickly established a digital employee experience platform that enables them to reach their entire workforce. Now several years in, their goals are set even higher. 

Listen in as Lindsey Sofia talks with our own Chuck Gose about the early adoption success of their SocialChorus FirstUp platform, the expansion of the One2Go branded platform across their workforce, and how they are using it today to deliver communications that are critical to their business, while providing the transparency and internal advocacy that’s needed to sustain it. 

In this webinar, Lindsey shares practical lessons and tactics you can use in your own organizations to:

  • Build a team and secure champions that help showcase your program
  • Set goals to not just maintain, but grow the success of your platform
  • Use data and analytics to measure real impact of your programs
  • Get and keep your leaders engaged to ensure authentic communication
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