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Inspiring, engaging and connecting an employee community

At American Woodmark, their motto is, “Uniquely You”. With over 15 different brands and 10,000+ employees, they don’t just build cabinets — they are building a culture where every person is valued.

Building on their CITE principles— customer satisfaction, integrity, teamwork and excellence — the team uses their HOMECITE platform, powered by Firstup, to bring their 17 manufacturing facilities, 18 services centers and over 8,000 frontline workers together in a shared employee experience.

Challenged with rapid growth and a dire need for better multilingual employee communication, they needed a way for senior management to talk to team members—and how to send critical employee needs and sentiments back to leadership.

Join Sarah Frey, Internal Communications Manager at American Woodmark when she chats with Sonia Fiorenza V.P. of Engagement Strategies and Expert Services at Firstup as she shares the ins and outs of launching and maintaining an employee engagement platform, with examples of what’s working with their heavily production focused teams, including:

  • How to highlight local employees and their stories, while building a larger corporate story
  • The importance of building an interconnected community that celebrates the individuality of your workforce
  • The use of language tools to speak directly to your workforce
  • The key to empowering local leaders to communicate what their workers want, while taking the pressure off the corporate IC teams
  • The value of getting leadership on board and invested in the platform 

Don’t miss this opportunity to see examples of their most popular content helping them build an employee culture for the future.

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