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Becoming irresistible! How to use intelligent communications to engage your employees

Experts from The Josh Bersin Company and Atrium Health shared how to create an irresistible employee experience.

For HR and comms leaders, creating an irresistible employee experience is about connecting to moments—from onboarding and reviews, to promotions and transfers, and all the life changes in between. To reach your workers during these moments, you have to have intelligent, timely, and personalized communication. But where do you start?

For Atrium Health and their 70,000 team members, it started with storytelling. By sharing the stories of the lives they touch, they have found the building blocks for more personalized communications, focused on the frontline. 

Recently, the team at The Josh Bersin Company showcased the Atrium Health story as part of their report, The New World of Intelligent Employee Communications, and we were excited to have them both join us for a one-of-a-kind webinar event.  

Together, they provide useful and practical ideas that HR and EX leaders can use in their organizations.

Check out the new report, The New World of Intelligent Employee Communications, outlining the four principles of designing an employee-centric communication approach. 

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