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How to boost morale and build a community across your healthcare network

The comms team at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVNH) knows that morale is a leading indicator of employee retention—and positive morale is hard to come by these days. 

The LVNH network spans nine hospitals (and counting), numerous health centers, physician practices, rehabilitation locations, ExpressCARE sites, and outpatient care locations in eastern Pennsylvania. Each of their over 19,000 colleagues contributes to their mission to heal, comfort, and care for the people of their communities.

At LVNH, that community building starts within. With a large and dispersed workforce, it was difficult to include everyone until they implemented an employee engagement program. Their LVNHProud platform now helps them build a common voice and reflect their collective spirit across their employee network. 

Join Pamela Riddell, Administrator of Strategic Communications for Lehigh Valley Health Network when she sits down with Rey Bouknight, Strategy Director at Firstup to share best practices and examples of how to improve morale through effective comms programs and planning, including:

  • How to build on and boost existing programs to enhance company culture
  • The value of taking the pulse of your workforce to combat burnout, and help with recruitment
  • How having one platform helps to build a bridge while allowing for targeted messaging to the channels that need it most
  • How to get colleagues and leadership on board, comfortable, and adopt new technology into their daily routine
  • The value of user-generated content in engaging and connecting colleagues, and boosting morale

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