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Gigification and the future of work

Today’s workforce is evolving before your eyes. It’s a moment your business cannot afford to miss.

The disruption caused by the pandemic has led many workers to reassess their lives and the role of work within it; They feel empowered and re-energized to set their own path in life, professionally and personally.  Gigification has exploded as a result of this quest for life balance, reshaping the concept of careers, with Millenials the biggest subscribers to the ‘gig’ way of working. Not to be confused with the gig economy, ‘Gigification’ is the reflection of changing values across the workforce on a much larger scale, speeded up by the last two years.

Join Rupert Coghlan from Firstup, along with Marc Wright, Founder of Simply Communicate and Olly Henderson, Founder of Future Work/Life as they discuss ‘gigification’ and outline how business and communication processes need to adapt to support this growing trend.

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