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Driving communication: How Cooper Standard empowers frontline leaders to be agents of change

Successful and widespread tech adoption within an organization can require a pioneering approach. Watch our on-demand webinar as Firstup Strategy Advisor Shawn Floss and Chris Andrews, Senior Director of Global Communications at Cooper Standard, discusses how Chris empowered hundreds of frontline leaders at 21 global facilities to drive internal communication efforts by making CS Connect, their intelligent communication platform by Firstup, a key part of their role responsibilities, leading to increased adoption rates among their 23,000-strong workforce.

You’ll also listen to Cooper Standard HR managers Christian Alvarez and Gabrielle Buchanan on how they drive platform engagement and adoption in operations at the auto parts manufacturers’ facilities in the US and Mexico.

Watch as they share:

  • How they implemented a strategy that empowered frontline leaders to become agents of change by making CS Connect engagement and adoption metrics part of their job responsibilities
  • Advice for building a business case to gain executive-level support
  • Tips and tricks for content that resonates, both locally and globally

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