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It's time to get real with comms tactics. Watch and learn what actions you can take right now to improve communication in your organization.

Hear from the leading voices in the industry on what actions you need to take to solve the challenges you’re facing today.

Workforces don’t look like they used to, and while doing comms right means happy, effective, productive employees, doing it wrong can leave workers confused, unproductive, and disconnected.

Now is the time to have direct and authentic communication with employees — throughout business functions and at every level. Workers are suffering from information overload and often the most important messages are lost. To evaluate performance and productivity, organizations have to reach every employee, no matter where they are.

Watch on-demand as Tiffin Jernstedt, CCO for Neiman Marcus Group, and Nicole Alvino, Founder and CEO at Firstup dive into what communication means today, and talk about what we all need to do right now to drive successful change in our organizations, including:

  • The importance of listening to your employees the same way you listen to your customers 
  • The value of getting your message out and then amplifying that message to drive your company forward
  • Why transformation and change require leaders committed to a cause
  • How making a commitment to learning from your successes and your failures is so important

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