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Third Party Subprocessors

Last Updated: January 19, 2023

Third Party Subprocessors That Process Personal Data

Effective 11/19/2018

The following are third party subprocessing technologies currently built into the Dynamic Signal, Inc. SaaS Platform that process Personal Data. Any such subprocessors will be permitted to process Personal Data only to deliver the services Dynamic Signal has retained them to provide, and they are prohibited from using Personal Data for any other purpose

Dynamic Signal Subprocessors

Service ProviderSummaryDescription, Inc.AWSHosts videos uploaded by users. We use Elastic Transcoder to transcode the video, store it on S3, and serve it via CloudFront CDN.
Firstup, Inc.Parent CompanyDynamic Signal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Firstup
LearnUpon LimitedLearning Management SystemCustomer and internal training
Microsoft Inc.AzureThis platform hosts our real-time video streaming feature – it will transcode and store these videos.
Sendgrid, Inc.*Email Service ProviderSends transactional emails from Dynamic Signal platform applications and services.
Twilio Inc.SMS GatewayManagers can broadcast SMS to users who have provided mobile numbers.
Zendesk, Inc.Support ticketingTicketing system for customer support

*Acquired by Twilio January 2019.


In the event we add or remove Subprocessors, we will post such updates here. Please check back frequently for updates or use the form below to be notified of changes by email.