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How to drive digital transformation using social networks

Need to overcome resistance to your company’s digital transformation?

Digital transformations are complex. IT teams are tasked with not just overhauling a company’s technology, but changing the habits and behaviors of the employees who use it.

For more than a decade, transformation expert Greg Satell has studied how grassroots social movements are able to spread and onboard people so quickly. He compiled the results of that research into his illuminating session at our Attune summit, and now we’ve distilled it further into an easy-to-use guide to help you influence change across your workforce.  

Download it now to discover:

  • 3 pillars of network science that drive effective change
  • 5 network-based principles of a successful digital transformation
  • Ways to identify your allies and help them spread your message
  • 3 leading enterprises that got transformation right—and one that didn’t

Learn to overcome resistance to transformation. 

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