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How to build a better employee email

Say goodbye to unread email and hello to email your employees actually want to read!

Are you tired of writing emails that never get read? Ready to start engaging with employees, rather than just filling up their inboxes?

61% of people say they ignore emails at work, and 40% of the workplace isn’t even bothering to read emails from HR!

Download our visual guide where we share the five sure-fire ways to engage, connect and get your message across—to all your employees, wherever they are. Our guide helps you visualize several easy-to-adopt techniques, including:

  • How to segment your audience to target the right people, every time!
  • Why prioritization and automation matter
  • The value of a rich, consumer-type content experience
  • Connecting with employees where they are, no matter the device
  • Using data to gain valuable insights and improve employee engagement

Say goodbye to hundreds of emails per day, at the wrong time, to the wrong person. Say hello to better employee email.

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June 26, 2024