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The everything guide to motivating Gen Z in the workplace

Gen Z will constitute more than 25% of the U.S. workforce in the next few years. Is your company prepared to meet the needs of this new generation of workers?

Every generation of workers has their own expectations of the workplace, and Gen Z is no different. Gen Z is typically described as made up of people born between 1997 and 2012. And while you may already have some of them in your employ, many of them are still in college and are preparing to seek their first jobs out of school. 

Will you be ready to meet their expectations? 

From requiring two-way communication between leaders and staff, to building a positive company culture, to ensuring these digital-natives have the technological equipment they expect to do their jobs effectively, your company needs to understand what Gen Z expects from them, and be ready to deliver.

In our new ebook, learn 7 strategies that you can use to successfully motivate, support and engage your Gen Z team members as they get started in their careers, including:

  • How to offer more flexibility in how, when, and where employees get their work done. Business isn’t only conducted from 9-5 anymore!
  • What the most racially and ethnically diverse workforce in history expects out of your organization’s diversity efforts
  • The importance of fostering an environment and culture of continuous improvement and learning
  • What 70% of Gen Z workers believe is the top motivator for taking a job
  • How to provide purpose and meaning in the workplace

By fully supporting the needs of your Gen Z workforce and embracing a more human-centered approach to hiring and retaining this new generation of employees, your organization will be well positioned to take advantage of the coming boom in the labor market. 

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