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Engage, inform, and inspire your company alumni and retirees

Engage your alumni and retirees by giving them the connection and community they want—accessible no matter where they are.

Company alumni are a critical source of returning talent, while retirees can still serve as brand advocates even after they leave your organization. But as non-employees, it’s hard for these groups to stay connected to former colleagues and company news, which limits your ability to engage with them. Meanwhile, HR struggles to target communications to groups within these communities and measure the results of their efforts.  

But the good news is, you can enable your extended community of company alumni and retirees by giving them a better digital experience. And, you can do it with software your company already has: the Firstup platform. 

Download our datasheet to learn how to: 

  • Create a single source of truth for company alumni and retirees
  • Use Firstup to build community and brand advocacy
  • Track and engagement, sentiment and information retention
  • Plus, find out the top 3 business drivers for company alumni programs

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