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Digital employee experience: Raising the bar

As you build your digital employee experience, be prepared to overcome these potential barriers outlined in our most recent report.

With much of the global workforce switching to remote or hybrid work, now is a great time to establish new practices for employees to stay connected, informed, and productive. With this in mind, Firstup surveyed more than 1,500 CIOs, senior HR, and Internal Communications professionals to understand how to design and deliver an improved Digital Employee Experience (DEX) and what barriers may prevent this tech dream from becoming a reality. Take a look at the report to find out:

  • Why the successful implementation of DEX depends on harmony between two important departments
  • How a ‘pull’ and a ‘push’ approach to employee comms technology is creating a ‘platform versus people’ DEX divide at many firms
  • What buy-in is critical to the success of a DEX program rollout

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The Rise of the Intelligent Communication Platform

June 26, 2024