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7 strategies for recruiting, hiring and retaining retail employees

It’s become quite obvious that the retail industry is struggling to find good employees. Because of the number of job openings, workers are on the move in record numbers, in search of better pay and better working conditions.  Finding, hiring, training and retaining employees can be difficult when labor availability is short; but it’s even more difficult when job seekers have lots of options and are willing to change jobs at any time. 

With shortages in the retail industry expected to continue through at least 2022, what can you do today to attract and retain good employees in order to successfully cater to your customers? 

Our new guide includes strategies for recruiting and retaining retail employees, including:  

  • Improving communication and addressing concerns with your current staff.
  • Leveraging employee and customer referrals to find new employees.
  • How to take the necessary steps to ensure that employees are valued regardless of their race, gender, disability, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
  • Ways to boost morale before your workforce starts looking for an exit.  
  • Tips on successfully managing your retail brand so that it’s not only successful at finding customers but also at attracting job applicants. (Did you know that 75% of job seekers check out your brand before applying for a position?)

Through building a community, improving workforce communication, and expanding the employee experience, your retail business can recruit and retain top talent by putting your people first.

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