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2023 buyers guide to the best intranet and employee experience platforms

ClearBox’s 2023 report reviews every category of intranet — including stand-alone intranet software, employee communication platforms, and the new breed of employee experience platforms that offer desktop and mobile apps.

Download the full report now to see our robust reviews of 21 leading intranet systems, along with 9 product overviews to help kickstart your shortlist.

The report includes:

  • A deep-dive assessment of the best intranet and employee experience platforms on the market, set against ClearBox’s rigorous framework
  • A thorough introduction that tackles the “build or buy” dilemma and guides you through the decision-making process 
  • Reviews that are independently assessed and scored against 10 business scenarios, focusing on capabilities and solutions and supplemented with screenshots that showcase the inner workings of each platform
  • An understanding of why Firstup is a 2023 ClearBox Choice with outstanding reviews in multiple categories

“Firstup is an excellent communications platform that has some of the best tools for internal communicators that we’ve seen, plus a helpful digital assistant for practical tasks” – ClearBox Consulting, Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report 2023 V2.0

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